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      Patient Testimonials

      “I had been suffering for 5 days with low back pain. I see Dr. Allende for weight loss and occasionally to have my neck adjusted (usually when I have a tension headache). I have never had a low back issue, I figured I had just pulled something and it would go away. When I showed up for my regular appointment, he noticed I was walking a little slowly. He offered to help. I let him adjust me and felt some immediate relief. The next day though, was like a miracle! The pain was gone and everything was normal. I will never again live with pain for 5 days.”

      - S.W., 2014

      “I am a 44-year-old woman with two kids who has lost approximately 60 pounds. Due to the effects of the extra weight and my age, my face had started to droop a bit. The results from Juvéderm Voluma were amazing! Not only did Dr. Allende do a perfect job of enhancing my cheekbones, but my cheeks also lifted up slightly. Several friends have commented that I look at least ten years younger. I am thrilled with the results!”

      - A.M., 2014

      “Let me just say WOW! The friendly receptionist took my info and I was back in consult soon after. Dr. Allende gave me both injections and results have been nothing short of impeccable. I have been getting Botox for over 10 years and I am definitely going back for any and all of my anti-aging needs.”

      - A.B., 2014

      “I love this office and this program. I originally came in to lose 15 pounds and it was easy! Now, every once in a while, if I'm just a few pounds up, I come back for a month or so to get it under control. It’s nice they understand how important those few pounds are to me and don't treat me like I’m silly or vain.”

      - M.K., 2013

      “I came to Dr. Allende about 4 years ago because I was bordering on obese! By following the weight loss program, I was able to lose almost 70 pounds and I have kept that weight off! Dr. Allende's program led me to a new lifestyle. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight.”

      - R.S., 2014

      “Sometimes you don’t realize what’s missing until you get it back. After lab work revealed my hormone levels were indeed out of balance, I decided to give this program a try. Six months later, I sleep better, I lose weight easier, my energy level is higher and I feel like my mind is quicker. I usually dread birthdays, but I think 50 will be fabulous!”

      - Ms. M.D.K., late 40s

      “I have been treated by the Center for Anti-Aging & Weight Loss for over 1 year. I have more energy; increased libido and my workouts have given me the muscle mass and definition I had 15 years ago. I look, feel and act younger.”

      - Mr. T.M., age 66

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